While researching for the Godzilla print I made, I came across these cool pics of Japanese movie monsters. Anatomical Kaijū drawings from a volume of Kaijū-Kaijin Daizenshū book series in 1972. I had to have a go at printing them up. It took a bit of redrawing in the detail and text as the images are very small but first one I have screenprinted is Gamera (A3 on 54gsm Japanese Toshi paper) . Next up hopefully will be Viras

Gamera's features include infrared eyes with night vision, arms that can lift 50,000 tons, an organ for producing the flames he shoots from his hands, electrical spikes on his back, poison claws, sac-like organs for storing lava, coal, oil and uranium, balloon-like organs that blast jets of air out through the feet, and a tail of elastic cartilage that can deliver a powerful punch!

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