Here is the next print from the Kaiju series. Viras's features include a spike-shaped head capable of piercing through a meter of steel, a brain with an IQ of 2500, organs for producing a force field and controlling the minds of others, tentacles that are 10,000 times stronger than an elephant's trunk and which can emit powerful beams for space travel, and organs to break down cell tissue and control metamorphosis (for creating its human disguise)... Nice

Art Swap

Continuing with the 3D screenprints theme I made this pic for Eimhin Mcnamara for this years art swap. A tribute to the first dog in space Laika in 1957


While researching for the Godzilla print I made, I came across these cool pics of Japanese movie monsters. Anatomical Kaijū drawings from a volume of Kaijū-Kaijin Daizenshū book series in 1972. I had to have a go at printing them up. It took a bit of redrawing in the detail and text as the images are very small but first one I have screenprinted is Gamera (A3 on 54gsm Japanese Toshi paper) . Next up hopefully will be Viras

Gamera's features include infrared eyes with night vision, arms that can lift 50,000 tons, an organ for producing the flames he shoots from his hands, electrical spikes on his back, poison claws, sac-like organs for storing lava, coal, oil and uranium, balloon-like organs that blast jets of air out through the feet, and a tail of elastic cartilage that can deliver a powerful punch!

Animation Art Show 2014

We raised a total of €20,000 this year at our charity auction Animation Art Show. Proceeds from this year go to the much deserved the ISPCC and Jack & Jill Foundation

Here is the print I created titled 'Big in Japan'


Animation Art Show 2014 is around the corner. Created a few prints for the raffle and as giveaways

Art Swap Kris Kindle 2013

Was involved in a Secret Santa art swap at Christmas, I made this 3d screenprint for Ciaran Duffy and in return I received this lovely plushie from Nadia Cardoso. Great to be involved, was totally worth it although there was a bit of pressure to come up with something in time!

Animation Art Show 2013

The Science Gallery again hosted us for the second year of Animation Art Show. €12,500 in total raised. All proceeds from the auction went to the Jack and Jill Children's Foundation and the LauraLynn House. Here is the piece I submitted along with a video of all the action


Had another few sessions at the Belfast Print Workshop. A lot of fun messing around and getting covered in paint.


Had a great time doing a weekend screenprinting course in the Belfast Print Workshop. Hopefully I'll get to do some more in the future


My last lifedrawing session in Boulder :(  Tried using inks for the first time which was fun. The model was wearing a Jujitsu robe which was great for a change

Animation Art Show

Thanks to all the artist who got involved, we managed to raise over €8500 for the Children's Sunshine Home. I think everyone had a great time and we are delighted we raised so much for a great cause.. Here are some pics of the event.

Team Zissou and the Barnacle Squid

Here's my submission for the auction. I've always loved the Life Aquatic, its a great movie. Hope someone likes it and bids on it
Watercolour 10'' x 10''

Animation Art Show

Myself, Bianca Beneduci and Estrela Lourenco are organising a Charity Auction on the 29th July. We have asked everyone in the Irish Animation Industry to submit a piece of artwork to be auction in aid of The Children's Sunshine Home and LauraLynn house. We have had a great response and are very excited to see the turnout on the day and raise some funds for a very worthwhile cause.


I made a model of the Robot from the Faded Plastic Spade video.
Its a bit rough around the edges but I think it adds to it.

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